Thursday, June 7, 2012

On The EdgePresents: Ayat Salaam "SUNNY TUFF"

Recording Artist/Producer/Song Writer....An artist with great hip hop from the soul takes me back tothe old days when original hip hop ways alive. Aiming for greatness this artist is bringing a message to the streets not the modern day rapper. He brings hip hop back with his orginality don't sleep on him. A native of ILLADELPH (Ruscomb & Broad); he moved to Bridgeport,CT then bounced to Ol'Virginny (Virginia). He has lived in four of the seven cities (SWEET NEWZ,NFLK,HAMPTON,VA.BEACH) and one county: Gloucester A.K.A "The Glass City"....Sunny Tuff is Inner "G", The true and living SUNN_LIIV; Great Balls of Fire..93,000,000 Miles from earth.

Star Status D.H.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Snow. Tha Product

Snow tha Product, a native of California, but resident of Texas, is an underground phenomenon and sensation taking the scene by storm in a way that has put male MCs on alert. She’s a beauty and a beast – looks and lyrical skills on the microphone, respectively. Physical stature aside, she stands as tall as any female MC in the game and can wreck a track in fluent Spanish or English with a handful of male MCs trying to match her lyrical level, as she did on Capea El Dough P City Remix.

Let us be forthcoming about 22-year-old, Claudia A. Feliciano. We'd put her up against any female MC in the game, and we're confident she'd give anyone of them a run for their money... or take their money. She's a versatile, bilingual lyricist who can fluently chop you up in English or Spanish, so take your pick. She has the swag, attitude, fine-ass looks and in-your-face rhyming abilities to be a hip-hop sensation in the U.S. or Latin America, if only the industry could, as Snow would say it, wake they’re game up.
For now, Feliciano, better known to the streets as Snow Tha Product, is going to have to settle for being an international underground buzz-maker. We're not exaggerating. You can find her on anything from videos with major-label Spanish-pop sensations like Jaime Kohen, to hit rap videos in Latin America to underground Mic Passes in Texas. Everything we want in a Latino - excuse us - Latina, hip-hop artist.

“I am versatile and even though I've been taught the industry wants you to pick a lane and stay there, I'm too hyperactive for that. I'm going to just swang this Cadillac I call a career.”

Follow Snow Tha Product on MySpace and catch her web shows there every Wednesday at 9 p.m. CST. You can also catch her on Twitter, and download her free mixtapes.

Lil Jazzy The Model

Eye Candy 

Mr. Ahmad Rashad

Ahmad has helped develop a style that has to be lived to be duplicated. He has received awards and standing ovations for his poetry and live rap and is respected in the community as an exceptionally talented rapper. During the course of his musical career Ahmad has been an actor, model, host, radio personality & television show field correspondent. He has booked acts and been booked for events all over the city of Nashville as well as surrounding cities and states. Everyday Mr. Ahmad Rashad works to further develop his talents and increase his knowledge of the entertainment business. He has received awards and won contests but has yet to find the financial backing necessary to reach his target audience and increase his fanbase. He is preparing himself for his big break realizing that making music is the easy part in a business where only the strong survive and the truly exceptional become STARS!