Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Tunez of Unitedcity Entertainment

I'm a solo Hip Hop artist born in New Orleans Lower 9th Ward and raised in St.John Parish..I started using music as an outlet to channel my anger in about 2005 and realized I can make a song without trying hard...Tunez is born.My influences are 2pac, Jay Z, Lil Wayne,and last but not least SouljaSlim..I've never classified myself as a hater and neither should U.....SO DONT BE AFRAID TO ENTER MY WORLD!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On The Edge Presents: The Deepest Entertainment

Thursday, March 22, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Model Tana Allure

Brooklyn born Puerto Rican / Peruvian model sensation, Tana Allure hit the scene two years ago in 2009 by storm. Elite Promotions and Marketing also known as (E.P.E.M INC) was the start of it all when she was working as the Director of Promotions. The C.E.O of E.P.E.M Inc (Sheana Stokes) decided she wanted to do a photo-shoot of all staff for the site. Desi Adorn was the contracted photographer and since then has been managing and mentoring Tana Allure. Since 2009, she has graced the covers of Dream Magazine, HipHopWorld Magazine, Stiletto Talk Magazine and SoFine Magazine. 

She has been in several music videos such as: guest starred in Nivlas "Reconsider" video directed by Vid Arroyo, main girl in Produk's "Bad Guy" video directed by Jynx Million, Don Omars "Hasta Abajo", Cam'ron & Vado "Hey Muma", J&S "Put Your Cape On" and more. She has hosted events for Vodkilla Liquor, Stiletto Talk Magazine, Archer Car Wash, G&G Wheels, and more. As well as co-hosted in radio talk shows such as Nite Line Radio hosted by Untouchables Entertainment group, In The Mixx Radio hosted by Soul Exchange and BKS1 Radio. She has walked the runway for N8KD clothing line, Dean John's fashion show, Yves Solution and was a model for Diamond Face Clothing line. Tana also showcases her freestyle choreography moves and did a 3 song live dance performance with upcoming reggaeton artist, Yoneiry at the Sky Marina Yacht in New York City.

Tana Allure came in to the scene to not only show girls that vegan models have plenty of curves too, but to also show that you can get far by just being yourself and staying true to yourself. She wanted to let others know that you don't need to ever visit the "casting couch" to prove you can be successful. Her hard working drive and positive spirit is what so many like about her. When she walks into the room you know she has arrived with her colorful personality as she brings a breath of fresh air to the industry. She has provided guidance to other upcoming models who are trying to break into the industry, helping the start of a new breed of urban models.
The Alluring model strives to set a standard and is known as the Vegan Model with a Mission to Inspire Others. With this comes plenty of responsibility but with her determination, she will succeed and surpass these expectations with grace. Always keeping a tight circle of productive people around her and constantly sorting out ways to better herself. Very humbly she is grateful to all fans and supporters. Everything she gets involved in is for you all so keep the support coming. Her appreciation to you all is tremendous!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Lacey Mason

Lacey Mason just got off of the road after a year and half as the captain of Taylor Swift’s dancers for her wildly popular Fearless tour. Since Mason won ABC’s Dance War, the popular spin-off to the ratings bonanza Dancing With The Stars in the Fall of 2008, her career explosion has been non-stop. Chosen out of thousands of singer-dancers nationwide to compete on the show, Mason quickly emerged as a front-runner. Team leader Bruno Tonoli picked Mason as his first choice when he chose team members for his group that would ultimately defeat Carrie Ann Inaba’s team in the 7-week competition. Throughout the competition, Tonoli featured Mason’s stellar vocal talent and dancing skills in the intricate dance/sing numbers they prepared for the show. After winning the competition, the 4-person group disbanded in part due to the fact that it was obvious to producers that Mason was a star in her own right. Her career has not slowed down one bit; she immediately began working with Nashville based production group. While recording she went on the road with Swift.

You can connect with Lacey Mason on Tumblr, Twitter, Myspace, Reverbnation, Facebook, and Youtube as: psalms51and91.

On The Edge Presents: Skot Frii

Skot Frii, is an artist in rare form. His flow is remarkably ferocious! Lyrically, he’s ahead of his time, or rather a blast from the past when compared to today’s rap artists. He spits with his own unique flavor and writes rhymes with passion and vigor. Raised between London, England, Atlanta, Ga and Dallas, Tx, Skot Frii was introduced to music early in life by his uncle, famed New Jack Swing co- founder and producer Gene Griffin. With influences from a studio environment and opening for headliners such as, Rick Ross, Twista, Lil Flip, Lil Boosie and others, Skot Frii has not only the ability to hear and comprehend chart topping music, but also execute a commanding performance that will have the audience captivated. Also dabbling in Pop/R&B, Skot Frii has become a remarkable song writer, having the opportunity to collaborate with some of the industry's top producers. Needless to say, this dude has been around the globe already. M-C- ing, performing, writing, and producing, SKOT FRII is the unsigned hype that is bound to see the light of super stardom. So pay attention, look, listen, and watch out for this shooting star. The sky has no limit for this man... prepare to be STARSTRUCK!

On The Edge Presents: Yung Damon

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On The Edge Presents: April Rucker The Songstress

Nashville native April Rucker was surrounded by a musical family who helped inspire her love for music. She pursued a formal education in music by enrolling in Nashville School of the Arts. There she honed her craft, focusing on a vast variety of music, making history along the way with many firsts. She has lent her vocal talents to artists including Grammy and AMA award winning artist Yolanda Adams and Big Kenny of the country chart topping duo Big & Rich. April has traveled to Europe where she performed and worked with young vocalists in Norway.

 April’s smooth seductive style, influenced by artists such as Jill Scott and Amel Larrieux, sends listeners to a place some only visit in their dreams. Her debut release Here I Stand earned her a Nashville Music Award for Urban Recording of the Year in 2009– an honor shared amongst other Album of the Year winners such as Taylor Swift and Kings of Leon in the respective genres. April has also received multiple nominations in the Nashville Independent Music Awards including Best R&B Performer and Artist of the Year to name a few. Though her soft, sweet soprano voice can lull partakers into a world of pure tranquility, she wows crowds with intensity and strength as well. April’s writing is an amalgamation of personal experience and fantasy; ensuring music that’s relatable. It’s the best of both worlds in a unique blend of Pop, Rhythm and Blues which she refers to as "Soula-Pop”.

On The Edge Presents: Cash Caine

  "First off, I would like to point out that I don’t look at myself as just a rapper, but as an artist" (Cash Caine). Cash Caine was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's here, the home of Black Wall Street, that he grew the passion of making music. "Hip hop has a heavy influence in my sound, but I love all genres of music. I try to fuse different styles to create my own unique sound" (Cash Caine).
   Cash Caine has currently been making a name for himself on the independent mix tape scene. In 2011, he released five mix tapes and also his single, Screens Fall. In March of 2012 he released his highly anticipated mix tape, Cashahoma. Upon it's debut weekend it would be featured on the popular mix tape website Datpiff's Today's Top 8.In 2004, he met Juan "Chicago" Duke and Rashad Woodrow and began recording professionally. As the role of his managers, they got him booked for shows with artists of the highest caliber. In November of 2004 he did some dates on Juvenile’s “Slow Motion Tour” and opened for “The King Of The South” T.I. in January 2005. Shortly after his friend and label mate and also one of his managers went to prison in 2006, he took a break from music. Since his return in 2008 he's been grinding harder than ever!It’s no secret that Cash has a passion for his craft. "I just love the grind and the feeling of creating music that people embrace. I’ve overcame many obstacles to get where I have today, and nothing will stop me! As I’ve said in a lyric, I’m a prisoner of success and I’ve got a life sentence” (Cash Caine).

On The Edge Presents: Matthew Orr of Big Captain Entertainment

My name is Matthew Orr III aka Big Captain born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma back in 1984. I’m an Audio Engineer   I   Record, Mix, and Master at my studio I run and I own my studio Big Captain Studios and I got my own music label Big Captain Entertainment. Back in 2008 I decided to start doing music because my close family and friends did music so I went to school and while in school I got my studio setup and finished and got my  trade for  Pro Tools and got my certificate for that and got on it right away  , but what really push me to do so my mom and dad was diagnose with cancer  05 ,06 my mom pushed through it and made  it through thank god for that but my pops passed in December  30, 2007  my dad ran his own trucking company  and  I was thinking I have to run my own business it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t . This music is my life I listen to all genres of music I just the love the fact that artist can come to me to record their work.  I’m looking to work in the Industry I want to record  live bands,  rap, orchestra, country you name it I want to have a part with it in this music I’m ready to work every day to achieve my first goal is which getting into the industry and going from there and keep progressing everyday and keeping faith.

On The Edge Presents: Model Tamara Mckissack

She is a breathe of fresh air.

Tamara is a commercial model and bartender in the greater Nashville, TN area. She appears in local ads, fashion and trade shows.

On The Edge Presents: Model Caitlin Leyvas

Introducing The Beautiful Miss Caitlin
If you would like to work with me please feel free to leave me a message here and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

On The Edge Presents: "Gigi" It's The G

 What’s good people my name is Gigi, entertainment personality, interviewing extraordinaire, and overall Connoisseur of media! How can you not love it? I love everything about the entertainment industry be it music, television, modeling, blogging, and so forth and so on. It’s a long list but you get the idea I love it all and this isn’t some sudden overnight thing, I’ve been fascinated with all things entertainment since I was a kid.There’s a lot of build up of hate from my brother and sister for sure! I use to annoy them so much with my singing. I couldn’t stop I’d sing all day and night. Music moved me that way. It’s a good way to express yourself. I’m sure they’re over it now so it’s all good. When a song moves you to sing you really love it. It connects in a sometimes unexplainable way. I asked my mom once if she could get me a packet of cassettes for my stereo(Yes I know, Stereo and cassettes this was a loooooong time ago!) but I asked her because I wanted to record myself singing and talking and just being myself. I would record my favorite songs from CD’s, put them on my little mix cassette, and just get lost in the sounds, the words, and the instrumentation. It was beautiful and even now I can’t help how it moves me. I can sing for hours upon hours on end even today. Hey it’s what moves you!

 I’m not here to pretend to be anything I am not! I just like to have fun and live life to the fullest. If there are any topics that you specifically want to see covered/talked about on It’s The G then do not hesitate to contact me and let me know!!!
 I'm like a DIAMOND a rare jewel something so precious not many men can get to, and when they get to it, it's worth so much but I have yet to be found so I'm still in the rough! ©