Sunday, February 26, 2012

On The Edge Presents: D Scales

"Buildin a legacy is not an easy task. Becoming a legend is not something handed to you. But I sweat, bleed, fight, lose sleep, and forget to eat for this..."

DScales may be from a small town but his talent is big. He is a rare breed, something like a phenomenon, and to even call him multi-talented would be an understatement. He is a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and a self taught musician.

On The Edge Presents: William James


 We don't go ham, WE GO LIVE! Nashville rappers Six (aka William James) and Teze present the "No Sleep" mixtape with contributions from Starlife, Rehab, Paper, Yung Heat, Jellyroll, Duece, and Jai.


On The Edge Presents: Drupy Fli Musik

Saturday, February 25, 2012

On The Edge Presents: FaceT.H.E Troof


Face T.H.E Troof is a company that provides professional music, film, and photography works on an industry  level. Their experience comes from working with various artists from all levels of the entertainment spectrum, as well as producing their own projects. Face T.H.E Troof is an independent and legal company under the state of Tennessee. Their mission is to unveil the true meaning of art through creative music, innovative visuals, and establish a movement that will positively influence our generation and those next to come.
At Face T.H.E Troof  we want our clients to feel comfortable in choosing the right atmosphere/setting in their visuals, rather than having our own ideas as a standard. We work with you as a team! With high quality and professional cameras, we guarantee to catch the right moment in the frame. Our style of shooting is beyond standard. We push to go beyond the limits and step outside the "box."

On The Edge Presents: Paparazzi Boyz

Rozden Gully R.O.E Wilmot was born and raised in Nashville, TN, due to growing up in a soon to be troubled neighborhood, his mother decided to move him away to LaVergne, TN in the summer of 98. That is where he met DeJuan Yung Juanyae Watkins and Eric Eazy Mayes. The three amongst a few others were in a group called Street Lyfe Committee. We created a huge buzz within High School as well as throughout Davidson and Rutherford County, but due to certain life changes we all parted ways. But like anything that is worth having the three got back together and formed Money M.A.D.E Muzik/ Paparazzi Swag Entertainment bka Paparazzi Boyz. Growing up in a musical household listening to the OJayes, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Al Green, Levert, Michael Jackson, Five Heartbeats, The Temptations, Isley Brother, and Bobby Rush, just to name a few. Music has always played a major role in his life. As a kid getting up on Saturday mornings and watching Yo! MTV Raps and Rap City The Basement was more entertaining to him than most cartoons. He is most influenced by his family, friends, and most importantlyGod!! Without those three influences NOTHING is possible.

Eric Eazy Mayes was born and raised in Murfressboro, TN, before moving to LaVergne, TN at an early age. Eazys love of music began at the age of 6 when he first heard Diamonds and Pearls by Prince. His family and kids motivates him to be the best music artist he can be. As well as to be able to take his talent and give them a better life. When asked where do he see himself in the next couple of years he replies Skies the limit but he will leave that in the Lords hands.

Du'Juan"Yung Juanyae" Watkins, the Detroit native,Nashville raised,Du'Juan"Yung Juanyae" Watkins,has been doing music since his early teen years,from producing to forming groups,performing in talent shows,showcases to opening for major artist.Yung Juanyae,known as a solo artist,has joined the "Paparazzi Boyz"trio group in 2010,but has been knowing and doing music wit Eazy and Gully Roe since their high school years.Now that the super group trio has formed the"Paparazzi Boyz"they plan to bring the "New Cashville sound to the surface!

On The Edge Presents Model of The Week: Aoki Ayanna

My name is Aoki Ayanna, I'm very edgey lady. I love to be on camera in the spotlight. I really have a drive to succeed in the model industry. So far I have been contracted for countless photo shoots. I have done some print modeling, and catalog. I also do promotional modeling for a few clubs in the Nashville Area as well as being featured in a few videos. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

On The Edge Presents: CHURCH CHIZZLE

Church Chizzle is a complete MC who possesses all the credentials that hip-hop legends are made of; Lyricism, Diversity, Great Flow, Raw Freestyle Skills, Creativity, Street Cred, & SWAG. Growing up in a Cooperative housing unit in Toronto, Church was known for his freestyle/battling abilities. Although he knew that one day he’d expose his creative song writing ability to the world by recording tracks he got caught up in the hustle to make ends meet and rap became a hobby, not a priority. In late 2008, the same hustle led to a tragic incident that left him fighting for his life with little signs of survival. To the surprise of even his doctors Church made a rapid recovery breathing new life into his childhood nickname, which became his rapper alias. Instilled with a sense of purpose Church returned to the scene ready to make a change. Jumping head first into music he was reached out to by a childhood friend who shared the same musical interests and a knack for business.
Almost 2 years later Church has released a debut mixtape titled ‘The Go To Church Mixtape’ and a music video for the single off the mixtape called ‘I’m Comin’. The video received twenty-thousand views on YouTube in the first month, which has helped Church to build a fan base that extends beyond Canada. He has also performed at over twenty different events some of which include, Urban Noise, North by North East (NxNE), D12 Superbowl, 106 & York, and Manifesto, as well as various underground showcases around the city. Much Music’s show, RapCity was in for a surprise when the artist by the name of Church Chizzle got on the “#FREESTYLE” segment and went on a winning streak. He reigned as champion for five weeks and eventually was retired as champ. Still hungry, Church continues to do as many showcases as possible with a love that is evident when watching him perform. The support has been incredible and has only increased with Church’s participation in The Remix Project’s recording arts program. There is no doubt that this is what Church was built for and there’s no looking back.


"Now Im In The LimeLight Cause I Rhyme Tight! "-J-Real

On The Edge Presents: The Antagonist

The Opposition Has Arrived!

The Antagonist were formed originally at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach CA. While at the time the group consisted of as many as 10 members at one time, throughout the years the group has been condensed to the members that currently exist, and who have existed from the beginning.Arsin, Tony Rome, Hennessee, and Ace make up the four members of the Antagonist. Hip-Hop was is and has always and will always be a major part of the faction. The Antagonist explain that being an Antagonist is not just a crew, rap group, or band, but a way of life, as "being the opposition" to what mainstream society considers "popular" and "trendy", but not always the enemy.The Antagonist maintain that their style of rap is a combination of westcoast gangsta music and heavy underground, to which they called "Westcoast Grimey" music. Hip Hop has varied into many sub categories due to its increasing worldwide popularity. The Antagonist feel that their music cannot be totally placed or completely summarized into any categories, as they can quickly display a versatile style of rapping over any instrumental presented to them.At one point in between the group's startup and now, they almost did not pursue hip hop. Along with putting out various EPs and not doing the promotional or marketing end of getting the music heard, various situations including family issues and even inner group quarrels stopped the group from considering making new music........for a while. Having a serious passion for hip hop, they eventually came back together and are now pursuing hip hop with more focus and energy than they ever did before. Not to be cliche' but simply "It's now or never."The Antagonist are looking to come up in the rap game as the new blood from the Long Beach, and even California. It seems as though the westcoast is on the rise again with the coming of some very lyrical yet dope emcees, and The Antagonist hope to be recognized amongst the greats in the West, and eventually, amongst the greats in Hip Hop itself.Its The Antagonist! The Opposition has arrived!

On The Edge Presents: Mr. Landlord


DREAMS DO COME TRUE.....STAY TUNED CHILDREN....IM COMING...CEO and lead Artist off of F.U. Muzic #Forever# Underground# Muzic!!
Out of this #World#

On The Edge Presents: Belvy Castro

Born in NEW London CT. Tierece Barnes (AKA) Belvy Castro first got his taste of hip-hop/rap at the age of twelve. He was always into music such as R&B, the blues and jazz. As a child he grew up in church singing in the choir. Tierece had a real thing for being in the spotlight. Why wouldn’t he as his late grandfather, Robert Arnell Peck, was said to have to played trumpet with the late, great Mile Davis. Growing up was tough for him as his father was in the Navy and that meant moving to new places and never settling in. He could never make friends because he was always being relocated to place like South Carolina, Maryland and Florida, just to name a few. At the age of seven his mother and father filed for divorce which left him to be the man of the house. His mother, Senceria Ward, who raised him and his younger sister as a single mother did the best she could to provide for them. At age fourteen he moved back to hometown and birthplace of New London, CT that was where he really started to pursues Rap. He would enter talent shows and battle in Cyphers around the neighborhood after realizing that he had a talent for music and writing verses and song. Not knowing how to put songs together with verse and hooks, he was helped by a high school friend who was heavily into the Rap business. He also had a talent for making/producing beats from then on Belvy began making tracks. Because of this they could go into the studio at different times and still have verses with similar storylines and meanings, thus becoming the group Midnight Sunz. The music that they create comes from their experiences and decisions, both good and bad, that they’ve encountered or chosen, with the outcomes not all being good ones. “Society made me who I am, you can’t blame me for that” says Belvy Castro. All he could and can do is to learn from his mistakes and try to make his life better for his daughters and a son, and the rest of his families, and believe that nothing will stop him from pursuing a career in the music industry. Whether he gets signed or does it independently, his time is now.
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I’ve been with 50mics for about three and half years now, I love and enjoy doing it every minute of it. They have been a real influential part of my career as far as getting me the exposure I need as well as promotion. 50mics has the streets buzzing about Belvy Castro; working with 50mics has been an honor and a blessing. Along the way, I have also met some acquiesce that had the same passionate about their music like I am. Shout out goes to Draztic Measure, Rudy Moose, Rowland Burnz, The Whole Burnin Truth Families just to name a few. Also I have worked with a multi-platinum producer of 50 cent (BUDA DA FUTURE). I was feature in two magazines one is name The Source and the other is Street Confinement magazine. I have been doing show all over East Coast like: New York, Ohio, Rhoda Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and part of Connecticut (Ansonia, Waterbury, Stamford, Hartford, New London, Norwich, just name a few).
I’ve been in the music business now for about 10 years now, nothing but grinding and paying my dues. And also I must say, it looking better than ever for me now, it takes a lot of Dedication and Sacrifices to get where I want be in this music industry. There’s so much untapped potential in Connecticut it’s insane. Currently, I’m working on my album titled GEMIINII (Gemini) which will be out sometime in the spring or before summer. And also I have a mix tapes in the work, which probably will be sometime in the summer or before fall with the titled INNER DEMONS MIXTAPE. All I have left to say is keep your eyes and ears open on the streets, because I’m coming.

Person of contact:

On The Edge Presents: MoJo "MOtheJumpOff"

Im a Freelance Photographer working in the areas of Fashion/Glamour/Models & Autos down for any creativity and hard work very Open Minded willing to capture the Elements of Art.

I'm ALWAYS seeking models for portfolio building sessions &
I will conduct TFP/TFCD if you have a look I need and/or a concept that will benefit both of our portfolios. It helps me stay sharp and practice new ideas. It also gives the models great material for their portfolios.
So if you like my Art Work hit me up and we can start working on your next project.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Major Soprano

January 12, 1986 new and upcoming rap artist Jeffery (Blake) Chandler aka “MAJOR SOPRANO” was born. He resides in Houston, Texas where his love for music grew from a young age. MAJOR SOPRANO is from what we call in the "South" the "Ghetto" Trinity Garden but grew up in a neighborhood named Parkway Forest also know by its school name C.E. King. He graduated from North Shore Senior High in 2004 but soon after that got caught up in the streets as a full time job! He always hustled ever since the age of 13 but he really indulged in "Major" moves once he got out of school which is how he got his original name "B-Major". Rapping started off as a simple way to just have fun; free styling amongst his peers of Smash Click over karaoke back in the year of 2000. This grew into a hobby that he would do in his spare time, writing to the instrumentals of well known artist just to compare himself. In the year of 2008 he changed his alias to what he is now known as, MAJOR SOPRANO; because he loved music with a passion. In 2009 Major Soprano was incarcerated for manufacturing with intent to deliver for a year and a half. While imprisoned he really decided he would be serious about rapping and push himself to being his best at it. For MAJOR SOPRANO this was a minor setback for a “MAJOR” come back! He is now working on finishing his first mixtape while his fan base grows larger each day. He is the owner of his own record label, Black Collar Gentlemen as of now he is the only known artist. Being from Houston Texas, MAJOR SOPRANO may already be put at a disadvantage due to the stereotype of the style and creativity of local Houston Rappers. But he feels that he can change that image for the better, with his different style of rap using complex metaphors and similes throughout his songs.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Miiz Gudda

                                                                         "Grind Hard and make it look easy"—  Miiz Gudda,  Miiz Gudda Speaks:
Miiz Gudda (born as Brittany Pack November 15, 1991 in Memphis, Tennessee) was introduced the first lady to Drought Squad in 2009.

A Native of Memphis, Miiz Gudda grew up in Orange Mound a section of her city. She became an aspiring young female rapper. Miiz Gudda rapped at school and also small parties in her hood. When she rapped a crowd would gather around her and many people will nod their heads to her sayings. Miiz Gudda stated that “If it wasn’t for poetry, I don’t think rapping would have inspired me”. In 2008 Yung Don (C.E.O) of Drought Squad stated “See I grew up with Miiz Gudda and I didn’t know that she was so talented”. Yung Don heard many of Miiz Gudda’s freestyles and then begins contacting her every day. Miiz Gudda took advantage of him contacting her and begins to go to the studio every hour. Yung Don and Miiz Gudda completed many collabs, making studio time no problem. In 2009, Miiz Gudda released her first mixtape “The Queen of Swag” she noticed that she could work harder, meaning she needed more songs and better quality. She decided that pushing back her release date will help a whole lot. January 2010, Miiz Gudda was contacted by one of Kia Shine’s artist’s who goes by the name of X2ceezy. He was determined to help Miiz Gudda. He mentioned an upcoming talent show hosted by Sean Rumby (Memphis promoter) on April 10, 2010. Miiz Gudda didn’t hesitate to perform there. After her performance there she began to get a huge buzz over the internet. 

On The Edge Presents: Dutchess

Dutchess is a fierce and fiery FEMcee hailing from Memphis, TN. She's been in love with hip hop for as long as she can remember and has the utmost respect and admiration for the artform. Her aggressive delivery, clever wordplay, brash lyrics, and innate stage presence definitely make her a force to be reckoned with.

Monday, February 20, 2012

On The Edge Presents:808 Quak

Super Producer

Super Producer, Drummer, Graphic Designer, Videographer & Graphic Artist From Nashville TN, 21 Years Of Age Born Aug 19, 1990 Raised In South Nashville, Quak Play The Drums All His Life From Church To High School, He Marched In The Marching Firebird Band Of Tradition At Pearl-Cohn High School In Nashville Tn, Quak Started Making Beatz Early 2010 When He Teamed Up With His Older Brother 808Youngin & Created "QuakinBeatz.Productionz & Quak Squad Muziq Group" Artist Includes: Quak Squad Taye, Mr.Network & IMax,  Quak Squad Lives In The Studio & Stay On There Job To Make It Out This Hell Hole They Call "Cashville" 808Quak Has Produced For Many Local & Major Artist In & Out Of Nashville, Such As Tha City Paper, Starlito, Gunplay - Maybach Music, Wilameana Jones, Brick Squad, Keri Hilson, Jelly Roll, Bezzled Gang, Molly Gang, Ice Cold Jay, B Howard, Gwop Gang, Bad Azz Ent. Don S, Young Buck & Many More............. Stay Tuned & See Wat 808Quak & Quak Squad Has To Offer Next.......... Quaaak!!!

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On The Edge Presents: StarStatus Kings

smash singles “Feature Presentation” and “Tonight”.

Star Status, created in 2010, combines the rapping talent of David Holbert, who performs under moniker D.H., along with the smooth, R&B vocals of Caleb. The two immediately realized their collaborations were unique and the songs they created were generating a buzz after they wrote and performed smash singles “Feature Presentation” and “Tonight”.
  D.H, who reaches audiences with his talented delivery and contagious word play, grew up in Nashville, TN and graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville where he was a four year letter winner for the UT football team. Caleb has a soulful and unique voice that has been known to keep the ladies smiling and gentleman singing along.  A talented vocalist, he graduated from the famed Nashville School of the Arts as top male vocalist.
D.H. and Caleb have written several songs together and have performed to standing room only audiences in a variety of venues.  Most notably the duo won the 106 & Park Blaze the Stage Competition in Jackson, Tennessee and will be featured on BET’s Wild-Out Wednesday during its 2011 summer season. 
D.H and Caleb have set a bar for their entertainment journey.  With a goal to take R&B and Hip Hop to the next level, Star Status has found a niche in the industry by combining the two genres and connecting with real people with real music. Listen and Download an appetizer of their talent with their highly anticipated mixtape “Feature Presentation” on


On The Edge Presents:Tahiem


On The Edge Presents: Raw Unt

Raw Unt Entertainment, reppin That southern style that everybody from up north , mid west, west coast , east coast, wherever can relate to dis shit. This is a gift and im just trying to show it like everybody else. i got love for every nigga, every hood n*** every street n*** out here thats on they grind.

UNT Music

On The Edge Presents: Tarrance "Archangel" Brown

Memphis artist Archangel is the first person out of his family to pursue music, and so he lists his influences as those people who make life a melody—everyone from your everyday construction worker with a jackhammer, to a vocal note from Marvin Gaye. This mixtape is the first of three in his “M.U.S.I.C.” series. His goal with the “Classic Edition” is to bring to light a certain depth that he feels hip hp music is lacking. The second mixtape, “Hallelujah M.U.S.I.C. (Exclusive Edition),” which is hosted by DJ Crumbz is set to drop in summer 2012; and the final installment, “Hallelujah M.U.S.I.C. (Live Edition), will be hosted by DJ Smalls and will be released soon after.
The acronym M.U.S.I.C. stands for “Man U Saw It Comin’,” which is the title of Archangel’s forthcoming album, set for release during the first quarter of 2013.
“Hallelujah M.U.S.I.C. 
mixtape image
Archangel - Hallelujah MUSIC (Classic Edition) Hosted by Dj Charlie White

On The Edge Presents: YOYO PICASSO


23 HipHop (unsigned/no manager) For bookings & features contact:

On The Edge Presents: "T.O." Slick Nation Ent.

Born Terrence Jefferson "T.O." is a lone walker native of Jackson, TN at 25 years of age he is a talented producer and lyricist. "T.O." is the latest addition to the ranks of talented hip hop artists from the Tennessee area he does everything by himself at all times. Hard at work everyday on new projects and ideas this artist is on a path to greatness. Currently "T.O." is looking to become the next hottest rapper. "T.O." is a great producer and entertainer with an up-beat, up-tempo original sound that makes all his music unique. Beginning his lyrical journey, some years ago, his melancholy decent and hard life spurned a motivation to write and produce his on music; his prose lead to his song “Alone in these streets”, an expression of his emotions on the consequences of many hardcore events that followed. "T.O." continued to pen verse, recording his songs with basic music software programs like Frooty Loops 9 and 10 hooked up to a laptop with a small microphone purchased traveling his small studio everywhere he went. Now he currently has a large studio in Champaign, IL. He is currently in the studio producing new music for his mix tape album, and is in the planning stages of possible shows and tours. While doing this he is currently making new music and furthering his career. Through music as his therapy, "T.O." finds himself focusing more on the aspects of a career in hip hop and on the events that may help lead him there.
Checkout Slick Nation Ent. Webpage: Slick Nation Ent.