Friday, April 6, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Crybaby G Angsta

Crybaby Gangsta's life is as normal as yours and mines except for of course some milestones that altered his perspective along the way; -His parents separated before he was born after his father decided to manage his financial commitments by becoming a pimp. -He became heavily involved in the drug trade and was raised in the streets living life in and out of jail. -He served 5.5 Years in the penit...entiary for attempted Bank Robbery.  -He met his dad for the first time in the penitentiary while serving time. From the moment he met his dad, Crybaby began to perfect his talent for writing music. He began to focus on developing himself mentally, physically and spiritually not just for himself but for his son because he realized that in order for his son to strive to be the best he must be the example. As you can hear from his music Crybaby has an amazing story. I guess he realized that once he got out of prison he was physically free and once he developed himself he became mentally free. However he must continue his ongoing quest to spread his testimony in hope to inspire others to be great as he travels his path to become spiritually free.

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