Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Bino C

In the territorial grounds of Cleveland, (Tha Ditch) Ohio, it’s a struggle for any talent to climb out. Giving the background on hip-hop there’s no question that the city has a deaf ear for music, but a young ambitious lyricist graduates and opens the door to success. With a voice that demands an audience attention as loud as the heart can chant, he voices his vocal instrument over the beat pattern to give his music an original foundation. Creating an energetic delivery handling bars that can direct him lyrically surpass hip-hop minors and remotely parallel to the greats, there is minimum he can’t do.
The smart young talent gathers attention embracing the work of performance and persistency. Working graciously to pull together four versatile artist and four unique producers, developing a sound of originality, this fusion would soon erupt the sundry group, The Hoodlum Bunch. In 2006-2007 The Hoodlum Bunch dropped a mix tape sending a message to all hip-hop heads and labels with just a three word title insinuating they mean business (Let Us In). Hosted by Cleveland’s own prominent DJ Mick Boogie and DJ G-Spot, they delivered and received with 22 songs. Weeks later the flagrant cover alone gathered an immense buzz. With nominations at The Ohio Hip-Hop Awards, and the social networks of the internet. Today,surrounding himself with a selection of experienced artist, asking questions, pursuing effective methods to build his plateau, and sponging information to smartly utilize its lengths navigates continuity. Accumulating friends and fans, building a team around business perimeters to franchise a brand around him, using connections to expand relationships with promoters, DJ’s, and producers for a collective branch to other opportunities are all avenues that could soon pave a merging lane of achievement.
Bravo, acclamation.

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