Saturday, February 18, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Taheim Washington

Tahiem Rashan Washington, was born in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn New York in 1984. He started singing in the third grade participating in the school chorus. He later joined the Jackie Robinson Steppers where he learned how to arrange melodies and harmonies. Shortly thereafter, he learned how play various instruments by ear. In 1998 the Jackie Robinson Steppers created a movie called ''Our Song" in which he co-starred as character Troy Harper. Living in Albany projects, he met D.J Scratch who was the D.J for E.M.P.D in the late 80's. It was with D.J. scratch that he first began recording songs. In 2004, Tahiem moved to Nashville T.N.There he began to write and arrange songs for local artists. The following year he joined the Priest Lake Baptist Church and began singing background for a contemporary gospel duo called Joint Heirs. In 2007, Tahiem decided to do his own music and began producing his own beats with his own sound.Currently, Tahiem has completed his first E.P with the help of Buck 'N Blaze productions. His uiltimate goal is to share his passion for music to audiences around the world. Tahiem has combined his influences to create a sound all his own.

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