Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Clee

There are two kinds of Rap/Hip-Hop artists working today. The first kind makes things happen while the other kind wonders, “what the hell just happened?” C.Lee is the first kind.

At only 23 years old, C.Lee has already established a respected name for himself in his hometown of Oak Ridge, TN., just outside of Knoxville.

“It’s where I live but I want to make the world my home.”, he says with an air of gentle arrogance.

 He also believes, as many industry insiders do, that his talent will be the ticket to manifesting such a grand vision.

C.Lee reached successful numbers with his first mixtape, “Can’t Knock Me Down”, reaching over 3,300 downloads. The mixtapes title portraying his fighting spirit through life.

“I like to work quickly.”, he says of his efficient studio process. Then adds,
“Taking on new projects and accomplishing new goals everyday keeps me focused and dedicated, being lazy is being weak, I want to do better then the next man and I want to do it quicker.”

Showing his need to work quickly and efficiently C.Lee turned a thirty hour studio session into his mixtape titled “Not Another Mixtape”. “With this one i felt like i found my true self has an artist. It was spare of the moment, but i pushed back my big tape so i wanted to give my fans something.” That something turned out to be ten songs delivered completely off the top of his head.

C.Lee is currently working on releasing his new mixtape ,”Its Cleen”. “With this one I want to show people who i really am, what I’m really bringing to the table, I already set the bar high with my first two mixtapes. I feel like I’ve stepped up my word play and I’m coming with a lot better delivery, I’m hoping to double if not triple the downloads”, he states. With hit single “Break It Down” Featuring Mr.Mack and Mac Sosa already spinning in the clubs and its video dropping, he is looking to accomplish that and much more.

 When asked about his childhood, C.Lee sites Coolio’s, ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ among his earliest rap influences and becomes animated when he reminisces about it.

“I was eight years old and I would listen to (‘Paradise’) non-stop. I believe that was my awakening to my own flow.”

“Cleen” is also quick to include maverick rapper, Eminem as a central force in his own creative life.

“Eminem proved, in no uncertain terms, that a white kid could rap for real. He helped dissolve a lot of stereotypes and the fact that Dre stands so strongly behind ‘Em’, well I think that speaks very loudly to fans and haters alike.”
C.Lee is excited about his work on “Its Cleen” and he’s confident the current support will play a key role in his future.

 “I’m for real and I can’t wait to show it in new cities to new people. I bring a lot to the table and will show it flat out. I love to perform more than anything and people always respond when they know you’re giving them something real.”

So it seems that C.Lee is poised to take it to the people, to keep it real and melt faces.

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