Sunday, February 19, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Kaje'

Ronald Jake Williams Jr. (Born June 29, 1992) better known first by his stage name, Kajé, is a rapper from Woodbridge, VA. In jr. high he played in the percussion section of the band. He excelled at sight-reading, rarely playing the snare in their performances. In 6th grade he was featured in a nationally published book of poetry. English has always been and still is his favorite subject. Kajé didn't begin rapping until high school though; the first two beats he rapped over were "Who Shot Ya" and "Memory Lane" by Biggie and Nas. His influences are anybody who is good at what they do, old or new. In 2011, he released "Dominoes" on, a mixtape for free download. On YouTube you can hear him spit in the DMV Got Bars Cypher Round 2. He's third on the camera in the tan jeans and red sweater. You can hear him at open mic's in the Northern Virginia area. When you listen to Kajé, you'll see he's passionate about his craft and puts a lot of work into it. A quote from Kajé, part cliché part word play: "I'm on a mission to be #1 and won't stop after."

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