Thursday, February 23, 2012

On The Edge Presents: The Antagonist

The Opposition Has Arrived!

The Antagonist were formed originally at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach CA. While at the time the group consisted of as many as 10 members at one time, throughout the years the group has been condensed to the members that currently exist, and who have existed from the beginning.Arsin, Tony Rome, Hennessee, and Ace make up the four members of the Antagonist. Hip-Hop was is and has always and will always be a major part of the faction. The Antagonist explain that being an Antagonist is not just a crew, rap group, or band, but a way of life, as "being the opposition" to what mainstream society considers "popular" and "trendy", but not always the enemy.The Antagonist maintain that their style of rap is a combination of westcoast gangsta music and heavy underground, to which they called "Westcoast Grimey" music. Hip Hop has varied into many sub categories due to its increasing worldwide popularity. The Antagonist feel that their music cannot be totally placed or completely summarized into any categories, as they can quickly display a versatile style of rapping over any instrumental presented to them.At one point in between the group's startup and now, they almost did not pursue hip hop. Along with putting out various EPs and not doing the promotional or marketing end of getting the music heard, various situations including family issues and even inner group quarrels stopped the group from considering making new music........for a while. Having a serious passion for hip hop, they eventually came back together and are now pursuing hip hop with more focus and energy than they ever did before. Not to be cliche' but simply "It's now or never."The Antagonist are looking to come up in the rap game as the new blood from the Long Beach, and even California. It seems as though the westcoast is on the rise again with the coming of some very lyrical yet dope emcees, and The Antagonist hope to be recognized amongst the greats in the West, and eventually, amongst the greats in Hip Hop itself.Its The Antagonist! The Opposition has arrived!

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