Saturday, February 25, 2012

On The Edge Presents: FaceT.H.E Troof


Face T.H.E Troof is a company that provides professional music, film, and photography works on an industry  level. Their experience comes from working with various artists from all levels of the entertainment spectrum, as well as producing their own projects. Face T.H.E Troof is an independent and legal company under the state of Tennessee. Their mission is to unveil the true meaning of art through creative music, innovative visuals, and establish a movement that will positively influence our generation and those next to come.
At Face T.H.E Troof  we want our clients to feel comfortable in choosing the right atmosphere/setting in their visuals, rather than having our own ideas as a standard. We work with you as a team! With high quality and professional cameras, we guarantee to catch the right moment in the frame. Our style of shooting is beyond standard. We push to go beyond the limits and step outside the "box."

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