Monday, February 20, 2012

On The Edge Presents: "T.O." Slick Nation Ent.

Born Terrence Jefferson "T.O." is a lone walker native of Jackson, TN at 25 years of age he is a talented producer and lyricist. "T.O." is the latest addition to the ranks of talented hip hop artists from the Tennessee area he does everything by himself at all times. Hard at work everyday on new projects and ideas this artist is on a path to greatness. Currently "T.O." is looking to become the next hottest rapper. "T.O." is a great producer and entertainer with an up-beat, up-tempo original sound that makes all his music unique. Beginning his lyrical journey, some years ago, his melancholy decent and hard life spurned a motivation to write and produce his on music; his prose lead to his song “Alone in these streets”, an expression of his emotions on the consequences of many hardcore events that followed. "T.O." continued to pen verse, recording his songs with basic music software programs like Frooty Loops 9 and 10 hooked up to a laptop with a small microphone purchased traveling his small studio everywhere he went. Now he currently has a large studio in Champaign, IL. He is currently in the studio producing new music for his mix tape album, and is in the planning stages of possible shows and tours. While doing this he is currently making new music and furthering his career. Through music as his therapy, "T.O." finds himself focusing more on the aspects of a career in hip hop and on the events that may help lead him there.
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