Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Major Soprano

January 12, 1986 new and upcoming rap artist Jeffery (Blake) Chandler aka “MAJOR SOPRANO” was born. He resides in Houston, Texas where his love for music grew from a young age. MAJOR SOPRANO is from what we call in the "South" the "Ghetto" Trinity Garden but grew up in a neighborhood named Parkway Forest also know by its school name C.E. King. He graduated from North Shore Senior High in 2004 but soon after that got caught up in the streets as a full time job! He always hustled ever since the age of 13 but he really indulged in "Major" moves once he got out of school which is how he got his original name "B-Major". Rapping started off as a simple way to just have fun; free styling amongst his peers of Smash Click over karaoke back in the year of 2000. This grew into a hobby that he would do in his spare time, writing to the instrumentals of well known artist just to compare himself. In the year of 2008 he changed his alias to what he is now known as, MAJOR SOPRANO; because he loved music with a passion. In 2009 Major Soprano was incarcerated for manufacturing with intent to deliver for a year and a half. While imprisoned he really decided he would be serious about rapping and push himself to being his best at it. For MAJOR SOPRANO this was a minor setback for a “MAJOR” come back! He is now working on finishing his first mixtape while his fan base grows larger each day. He is the owner of his own record label, Black Collar Gentlemen as of now he is the only known artist. Being from Houston Texas, MAJOR SOPRANO may already be put at a disadvantage due to the stereotype of the style and creativity of local Houston Rappers. But he feels that he can change that image for the better, with his different style of rap using complex metaphors and similes throughout his songs.

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