Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Miiz Gudda

                                                                         "Grind Hard and make it look easy"—  Miiz Gudda,  Miiz Gudda Speaks:
Miiz Gudda (born as Brittany Pack November 15, 1991 in Memphis, Tennessee) was introduced the first lady to Drought Squad in 2009.

A Native of Memphis, Miiz Gudda grew up in Orange Mound a section of her city. She became an aspiring young female rapper. Miiz Gudda rapped at school and also small parties in her hood. When she rapped a crowd would gather around her and many people will nod their heads to her sayings. Miiz Gudda stated that “If it wasn’t for poetry, I don’t think rapping would have inspired me”. In 2008 Yung Don (C.E.O) of Drought Squad stated “See I grew up with Miiz Gudda and I didn’t know that she was so talented”. Yung Don heard many of Miiz Gudda’s freestyles and then begins contacting her every day. Miiz Gudda took advantage of him contacting her and begins to go to the studio every hour. Yung Don and Miiz Gudda completed many collabs, making studio time no problem. In 2009, Miiz Gudda released her first mixtape “The Queen of Swag” she noticed that she could work harder, meaning she needed more songs and better quality. She decided that pushing back her release date will help a whole lot. January 2010, Miiz Gudda was contacted by one of Kia Shine’s artist’s who goes by the name of X2ceezy. He was determined to help Miiz Gudda. He mentioned an upcoming talent show hosted by Sean Rumby (Memphis promoter) on April 10, 2010. Miiz Gudda didn’t hesitate to perform there. After her performance there she began to get a huge buzz over the internet. 

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