Sunday, March 18, 2012

On The Edge Presents: "Gigi" It's The G

 What’s good people my name is Gigi, entertainment personality, interviewing extraordinaire, and overall Connoisseur of media! How can you not love it? I love everything about the entertainment industry be it music, television, modeling, blogging, and so forth and so on. It’s a long list but you get the idea I love it all and this isn’t some sudden overnight thing, I’ve been fascinated with all things entertainment since I was a kid.There’s a lot of build up of hate from my brother and sister for sure! I use to annoy them so much with my singing. I couldn’t stop I’d sing all day and night. Music moved me that way. It’s a good way to express yourself. I’m sure they’re over it now so it’s all good. When a song moves you to sing you really love it. It connects in a sometimes unexplainable way. I asked my mom once if she could get me a packet of cassettes for my stereo(Yes I know, Stereo and cassettes this was a loooooong time ago!) but I asked her because I wanted to record myself singing and talking and just being myself. I would record my favorite songs from CD’s, put them on my little mix cassette, and just get lost in the sounds, the words, and the instrumentation. It was beautiful and even now I can’t help how it moves me. I can sing for hours upon hours on end even today. Hey it’s what moves you!

 I’m not here to pretend to be anything I am not! I just like to have fun and live life to the fullest. If there are any topics that you specifically want to see covered/talked about on It’s The G then do not hesitate to contact me and let me know!!!
 I'm like a DIAMOND a rare jewel something so precious not many men can get to, and when they get to it, it's worth so much but I have yet to be found so I'm still in the rough! ©

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