Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Cash Caine

  "First off, I would like to point out that I don’t look at myself as just a rapper, but as an artist" (Cash Caine). Cash Caine was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's here, the home of Black Wall Street, that he grew the passion of making music. "Hip hop has a heavy influence in my sound, but I love all genres of music. I try to fuse different styles to create my own unique sound" (Cash Caine).
   Cash Caine has currently been making a name for himself on the independent mix tape scene. In 2011, he released five mix tapes and also his single, Screens Fall. In March of 2012 he released his highly anticipated mix tape, Cashahoma. Upon it's debut weekend it would be featured on the popular mix tape website Datpiff's Today's Top 8.In 2004, he met Juan "Chicago" Duke and Rashad Woodrow and began recording professionally. As the role of his managers, they got him booked for shows with artists of the highest caliber. In November of 2004 he did some dates on Juvenile’s “Slow Motion Tour” and opened for “The King Of The South” T.I. in January 2005. Shortly after his friend and label mate and also one of his managers went to prison in 2006, he took a break from music. Since his return in 2008 he's been grinding harder than ever!It’s no secret that Cash has a passion for his craft. "I just love the grind and the feeling of creating music that people embrace. I’ve overcame many obstacles to get where I have today, and nothing will stop me! As I’ve said in a lyric, I’m a prisoner of success and I’ve got a life sentence” (Cash Caine).

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