Thursday, March 8, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Bezzeled Gang

Here's a brief description about B.O.P. , for those who don't know it stands for Bezzeled Out Productions . The label originated off Paris Avenue in South Nashville,TN in 1998. Where a group of friends started a family and a record label that consists of rap artists known as Vac D, Yun Steezie, E Bezzel, PSG, Knuccles, Cali, Lil T.I., Lil Mike, Fate Eastwood, KV, Bam, Bleezy,Blak G,Shife,Made, Mac, A.P., Snipe, Lil' E, Mercy, Fetti, Lil L.A., Despo, Doc Holiday, Lil T, Matlock, and many more

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