Saturday, March 17, 2012

On The Edge Presents: Contanek

"CONTANEK" is outrageous and shocking. Call her hardcore because of her lyrics, but whatever you do don’t call her one of those “artist’s” seeking attention. No matter how the public eye see’s her she’s very ambitious and INDEPENDENT as she would describe herself. This new artist is on the ball and she want stop going until she’s right where she want’s to be. Born in Columbus, Ga. Contanek (“The Queen Of The South” aka “The GodMother”) grew up in a single parent home the youngest of nine siblings. She spent most of her life in Orlando, Florida. CONTANEK wasn’t born thinking she was going to be a rapper. Growing up television was all she had. Listening to MC lite, Queen Latifah, and Yo Yo she always said to herself that would be her. As a teenager she was a cheerleader, she wrote cheers for Eastside Wildcats, Cheer Magic All Stars, and Jones High School Tigers. At the age of 14 CONTANEK discovered she could rap, and wrote her first rap “I Represent” in 1998. Like any other teenager she rapped with a group, the group didn’t have a name, they all went to the studio as one. It was at this moment she knew she had a passion for music. This new artist is blazing on the charts, she’s a beast and want be stopped. She dropped her first album “Dope Girl Fresh” on the streets in 2007 with two hit singles, self titled “DGF” and “Freak Dance.” CONTANEK gave the streets a second taste of her lyrics in 2010 with her Mix-tape titled “THE GODMOTHER”(The New Queen Of The South) DGF Mixtape Vol. 1. Once she got a feel of how the public showed her love she now plans to blow the world’s mind with her second album “THE NAKED WEAPON”(Seduce, Kill, And Walk Away). With her now National hit single “Tootsy-Pop” being Distributed by KES Distribution, and her Follow-Up single "StayOffMyShoes" on the way. The "Queen Of The South" is bringing real rap back and plans to keep educating the world with her lyrics and slogan, "B.ET I. M.AKEIT" B.I.M.!!! For Bookings: FlavaFlipn Management (706)681-9525.

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