Thursday, March 15, 2012

On The Edge Presents: FA$E

FA$E, is a new young artist that has an incredible success rate in the entertainment industry in such a short time. With a dynamic sound that distinguishes him from his peers he has proved, to many why he remains on top. Growing up in Brooklyn, life hasn’t always been easy for this striving star. In an attempt to pay homage and show his patriotism he joined the United States Navy. He served for 8 years safeguarding our country and its seas. As Operational Specialist in the Navy there was a void, an emptiness. Fa$e, realized that the only thing that would fill that void was music. So he set forth and set out to accomplish his ultimate dream…to be an entertainer.
Since his brave dive into the entertainment industry FA$E, has been nominated for VA’s Best Rap Artist, Best Music Video, established Faseworld Entertainment (, completed his 1st album, “Reconstruction”, been on numerous tours and concerts throughout New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. FA$E, has also featured in “Dat Piff Report” with 50Cent, Jadakiss, Eminem, and more. Summer 2011 FA$E, released “A Mid Summer’s Dream,” mix tape. He has also opened concerts for Young Buck and Charlie Boy. With a business minded nature, in 2011 FA$E developed a new showcase, called Faseworld Thusrdays. This showcase was designed to educate other thriving artist in the business behind the music, stage performance, and production. Faseworld Water has also became a hot commodity this year. FA$E has appeared in Heard, Imprint, and Seven magazine. Also Rago, a popular urban magazine in the UK. FA$E has branded himself to be one of the best in this business and this journey is taking him onto a whole new world where he can be himself and give back. Giving back has always been a part of this young lyricists’ heart. He founded and started “Jackets and Coats for Gents.” A charity drive that collects and donates cold weather coats to the homeless. While in Virginia he established a community outreach program which consisted of 5 independent records labels. Together they formed Knights of the Round Table. This organization mission is to give back to the community through music by organizing events for children and young teens. FA$E is also a official spokes person for Rich Kidd Clothing from out of Virginia.

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